I'm the blessed mama of 4 daughters. I'm a homeschooling, Jesus-praising mass of contradictions. Addictions include coffee, chocolate, social media, school supplies and great quotes.

I love hearing about how different families chose to homeschool. Geannie and I came to know each other through homeschooling message boards just before I began to school my oldest daughter — nearly 20 years ago. *gasp* Someday, I’ll tell you about what a huge blessing that wonderful group of ladies have been to me.

I worked for a family-owned natural food store when my eldest was about two years old. I was there a little over a year working mostly part time, but I ended up doing a lot of work from home after I became manager.

They were an Adventist family who homeschooled their four children. I had never really heard of homeschooling before then and honestly, hadn’t even thought about it even though I had a child of my own!

Yeah, I’m not really the plan-ahead or worry-about-the-future type of gal, I guess.

So anyhow, while I worked there, other homeschooling families who knew the owners would come in, so I got to talk with them and the owner-family’s mom would bring books in about homeschooling and I’d look through those.

It piqued my interest in the prospect of homeschooling even though I really still didn’t feel like “school” was a real…

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  1. Aw, thanks, Laura! I can’t believe it’s been THAT long ago!! Man, the BIBB seems like a whole lifetime ago! 🙂 That place and those ladies sure were a big help to me too! Thanks for sharing my post! Hopefully, I’ll get more up soon. I have a young mom-friend here who is just beginning to homeschool.who said she’d love to get some “sage advice” from the old homeschool mom. LOL! The little snot. 😉 ❤


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